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Human-like collagen, this ingredient is actually produced by high-density fermentation by means of bacterial fermentation and yeast fermentation with the use of genetic engineering technology in the end of 2000. The main production materials are grapes and inorganic salts. With the advent of a new type of human-like protein, a technological invention was born.

“Human-like collagen” uses the word “human-like”, which means that the ingredient is homologous to the human body. This ingredient uses genetic engineering technology through bacterial fermentation and yeast fermentation. The cell system to prepare human-derived collagen overcomes the inherent problems and defects of traditional animal collagen. Possess extremely high “safety” and “effectiveness”. The patented technology of human-like collagen has been widely used in many fields such as biomedical engineering, medical equipment, medical skin care products, preventive medicine, and nutritional medicine.

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